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We are your key to success. We’ve spent years studying the market and analyzing trends, all to help you in your endeavors.


Our services are on a global scale, to help you grow exponentially in local and foreign markets for maximum conversions.


We track and monitor statistics on an hourly basis. This means we can quickly analyze and adjust campaigns for optimizations.

With Total, You Can Do Anything
ProFast Financial Group LLC is a Dallas based full Business/Tax solutions firm that is focused on providing exceptional service to our clients both individuals and small businesses. With ProFast Tax services as one of our major tax subsidiaries, we are equipped to handle any Tax preparation or IRS problems you may have. We also handle comprehensive Medicare & Medicaid Cost Reposts for Home Health Agencies.

We promise to get the most for you

Our accountants work hard  to get every possible tax deduction and credit that you’re entitled to.With over 20 years of experience, Empire is knowledgeable in tax law. We’ll help you find money where big box companies may neglect to look.

Combined with our Triple Check Guarantee

Our calculations are 100% Accurate. If they’re not, we handle it,completely FREE of charge

We triple-check your tax return

Our accounting staff is obsessed with individual  attention. This means we thoroughly hand-review your return THREE times prior to filling to ensure your information is complete,accurate and ready to roll.

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